One Blinding Dusky Dusk

by Whiskey Moon Face

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One blinding dusky dusk as the sun passed through the town, Its light it made a blazing trail and heavy whirring sound, A thousand souls they howled and hawked and streaked across the sky, A man in a silken waistcoat opens half a darken eye. He rolled a rolly good and fat with yellow fingernails, With heavy brows he gazed and the wind blowed his pig tail. Layers of forgotten smells they creeped up through the land, As the cogs rotated backwards and the hour glass split its sand, Souls began to glisten until they came into sight, As an unexplored Universe opened on that night, The souls they weren't to happy to see the raped land And maybe a corporation rusted into sand. Now the man with the silken waistcoast took a toke And gave a snort, Took a hit flask from his tool belt and he took a swig of port.
Light 04:44
I closed my eyes and light did divide, Into infinite colours on which I did ride, Pierced a whole through space With a golden arrow, And out came a man who did rid all the sorrow. And his eyes they roved and they were as bright as the Moon, And his head did sparkle like a polished spoon. And he smelt of off crumpets and sour cream, He was the kindest face I'd ever seen. He traced the clouds with finger-tips, And swirled them into a swirly sky, With spindly fingers that outstretched The timeless midnight sky.
Oh my stars where have you gone, Im so far gone, I need to get home, Lanterns on the mountainside, They replace the midnight sky, But oh the mist blinds these blood-shot eyes. But oh my mind is ripped at the seams, Where is the ship in the bottle that floats from your beams, All I need is blue and green, Or green in blue and Holsten pills, But oh these mountains and infinite hills.
It was a cold and bitter night, The night was bitter and cold, And the stars they all a quiver As the moon began to unfold And old Sam Bailey/ Mcgrady, Headed towards to the old ale house, With heavy, heavy eye-lids for that old faithful stout. In that old musty bar room, He was slumped, banal and depraved, He railed and ranted and chewed on Some old livid tale, Then all the flaws in nature, Eventually conspired, And a spirit came out Sam's Whiskey glass, Into his starry sky. The secret of the Universe is.. askjbaskfjb asjfbaksjbf ljdnfojandf Before the big bang there was... sakjbkjb askfjbaskfb The secret to string theory is... ahkjfvhjav afjbakjfb Now the barman turned 'round to Sam, And said "Now then Sam. You've just been visited by the Whiskey spirit. Do you want another one/dram"
Dead Dog 04:26
I wish I was a lice in your hair, Wanna dream in your eyes and always live there, Little tiny wolves live inside my head, You see tiny spiders, I don't see them but you see them. I don't wanna die before you, You don't wanna die before me, So lets jump off a cliff. There's a dead dog in your bed, You can't sleep in your bed, Coz there's a dead dog in your bed.
If I was a thunderstorm, Full of anger, Full of pain, I would thunder up to where you live, And I'd drown you in my rain, But I cant be a thunderstorm, And I know what you been through, So I guess I'll spend a long time thinking about you. If I was a bumble bee, I could bumble anywhere I'd bumble up to your front door, And I'd bumble up your stairs. But I cant be a bumble bee, And I know what you been through, So I guess I'll spend a long time thinking about you. If I was a baby-bird, Sitting in my tree, I would sing a little song, So you'd come and rescue me, But I can't be a baby bird And I know what you been through, So I guess I'll spend a long time thinking about you.
La la la la la, I make fun of you coz your an idiot.
Dark Blues 05:58
Woke up this morning, To find my baby had chewed his arm off, So I went down to Tescos, Stole a bottle of gin, And for him some frozen peas, Wish my baby would live me, So maybes I'd escape his misery I got the blues, I got the darkest blues there's ever been. Since my baby, Seen him walking down with another lass On his new left arm, I got the blues...
Elk 03:32
Snarling grins of elks alike, Stalk in her dreams at night, Thoughts of you wont leave her alone, Hollowed out sockets of torn out eyes, Make her see for she is blind, And oh what a shame its to be in love. Fire it spews from her own mouth, Hotter than the sun it sets him alight, Glass its shatters into the night, As she sets on him with wild delight, And oh what a shame...
Pirates 03:03
It's a pirates life me, That's where I wanna be, So I'll walk to the sea, Them I'll roam, And if they stop me, I wont be scared, Coz I'll have no land and no money. I'll only deal in shrimp, And I wont have no pimp, I'll only deal in shrimp, Yes I will, And if they stop me I wont be scared, Coz I'll have no land and no money. Oh Im sick of London Town, And I bare stand the sound, Oh the bells how they toll, And they toll, They just remind me of where I will go, When Im good and dead and gone. I'll get meself out this hell, I cant the smell, It lingers on and on, It just reminds me of what I did last night, I spewed all over me face.
So Long 05:26
Love 05:17
Her love was taken, She did not know where, So she melted herself into crevices and crags, Until the Earth told her, So she asked the wind to take her there, Along the North wind she was blown, Over ancient calm seas That have no mercy, And lands carved by giants, That didn't care, And she was engulfed by love. And when the dark came, Stars danced like fleas, How beautiful to be of the same substance, And one day her bones would dissolve and nourish, And one day her bones would rejoin and nourish, She had love for her senses and her beating heart, For that she was the Earth realising.
I got an octopus on my head, And its a good thing that its dead.(its dead) Coz when it was alive It was very uncooperative, And now its dead (you stupid octopus) Trying to get it up there, (up there) It was suctioning to my face and hair (in his hair) I heard that octopuses cant predict the future, You didn't see that coming, Now your dead you stupid octopus


Recorded "live". Mastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios.
Recorded and mixed by Stefan Krakovik and Rory Carlisle at Shock and Awe Studios, London.
Track 13 recorded and mixed at Cable Street Records by Reinis Axclsson.
Produced by Stevan Krakovik. Rory Carlisle and Whiskey Moon Face.
Artwork and design by Oliver Shuster.


released May 10, 2014

Songs written by Louisa Jones apart from Tr.5 (Dakota Jim) and Tr.13 (Sam Bailey)
Louisa Jones...Accordion, Vocals, Double Bass (Tr.3), clarinet (Tr.7)
Ewan Bleach... Clarinet, Saxophone
Dakota Jim...Double Bass, Vocals, Accordion (Tr.3)
John Blease...Drums (Tr. 1, 3,8, 10, 11)
Alastair Caplin...Violin (Tr. 2, 3, 5, 9)
Mirabelle Gillis...Violin (Tr.3,11)
Skye Murphy...Trombone (Tr.3, 9)
Sam Bailey...Banjo, vocals (Tr.13)
Special thanks to Sophie Bostock of Firefly Music, Theo Bard, Michael Jones and Alice Cade.


all rights reserved



Whiskey Moon Face London, UK


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