by Whiskey Moon Face

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Panspermia 04:43
We lay down in fields so blue, Watched the sun pass right through you, Familiar shapes rose up instead, Tall grass swallowing up our heads, The sleeping wind woke up our bones, Nimble waves of Earthly groans, We dug a whole deep, deep down, We dropped in to hear its sound. We are made of stars, Panspermia, I would love if you were a rock, Bat or tuba, frog or beaver hat.
Most of these nights me darlin Comes a stumblin home. Whistling of his truest love Through the streets all clothed in stone, One night under horse shoe bridge Down by the old canal, Following his footsteps To the weeds he took a bow, As he bowed lowly to the weeds, The river climbed up his hips, The memory of her is still strong upon her fingertips, Absorbed her with her soft embrace, Froze the blood from his veins, Now two rivers are entwined, The Kennet and the Thames. The fire went cold, The candle went out, The trees looked drunk as the ground hit me face, A blood moon flared curled around the night, As I emptied me heart of fiery rath. , And chose to walk a moonlight path, Oh wonderous stars seen between these bars, You'll be my love from now.
This wind is hunting, At my door, Your dog is growling, Coz she don't love me know more, I wont let it in no not this time, My heart's already gone. Moonlight bounces from the pavement, Into these swollen eyes, Oh please come save me, Tell me more sweet lies, I cant find my lighter, No where to be seen, No food in the kitchen, Just some mouldy old beans, There's nothing here for you, No not this time, My heart's already gone.
(English translation of Russian lyrics) I never had a sad face, I never had a solemn face, My nights were very peaceful, My nights were very golden. But as luck had it, One night I met the beautiful devil, And I knew then that I would soon be dead, Now in the nights there are tears in my glass, Under the moon, I wait for the oars man. I drank away my hat, I drank away my dog, I drank away my soul, I drank absolutely everything away.
No More Days 03:02
I murdered the hours, With a heart as black as suit, For they were as precious to me as an old wholey boot, Now I see the sun for the very last time, No more days, no more days will I see this love of mine. The hangman's noose tightens right around my neck, Drinking up the stars, the leaves, the trees before I face my death.
I go to your town, And sit on the benches where you might have sat down, And drink from the glasses, Where your lips might have passed, I melt meself into the pavement, So that you can walk on me. And when your asleep, I'll creep up your stairs, And crawl into the cramp space between your skin and bones, There I'll lie in lowliness, My dear, my love, my holiness.
I see your signing on book in your back pocket, Must be on your way to the Heroin House, Its the pride of Hastings, You can't knock it, Your dreams come true at the Heroin House, On the Costa Del Dole, What a wonderful place to be, And did you know it's the capital of teenage pregnancy? Your never gonna get me to leave, Got everything I need, I got the sea, I got the interesting people, Five kinds of LSD. It's a sea-side paradise, There's so many things to do, You'll never be lonely, As half the seagulls come from Hackney too. Woke up underneath the pier, Soon its time to drink to some beer, They got good, cheap ale at the Wetherspoon, I could be there all afternoon, On the Costa Del Dole.
When these bones walk out on me, I will run straight to you, Grand sea walkers take me home, And I will come straight to you, May the wind be always at your back, Or else let it run right through you, I'll warm your eyes and kiss your lips, And worm meself close to you, I'll breath your skin and fall upon your neck, Whispering hidden things to you.
Glass 03:01
I found you hiding in the bottom of me glass, In the shadows in the bottom of me glass, Where you were hiding to forget your name, From the silvery moon that had started wane. Weary love come out to see me, I wont dive into those eyes of galaxies, Below swallows hurtle low, Through slow cold clouds, Formed by straying breath of bleared eyed owls, Ride the silver wind under starry skies, There's no more rain left to fall from your eyes.
Graveyard 02:56
One bitter snowy winter night, We walked in the graveyard all dressed in white, Lanterns shone to light up the graves, You asked the black cat to lead us the way, We climbed up the trees filling stars up our sleeves, You stole the moon and I sensed our doom. Bible black dark went the leaves of the trees and left us mumblin straw coloured memories, Dark went the stream where the old fox dreams, That was the night our minds ripped at the seams.
Come seed yer oats, Me heart is bursting, Don't know what it knows but ow it does groan, Me heart is a maggot, Me soul is beast, Come so that we can feast, Beneath the weeping willows on fine heathery pillows, Come seed yer oats me heart is bursting.


released September 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Whiskey Moon Face London, UK


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